Last year, with the overwhelming support of our community, Yonkers was successful in its first step in rebuilding Yonkers Public Schools. Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature approved and signed legislation enabling the city to form the Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board, the official steering committee that will oversee the repairing and rebuilding of Yonkers’ 39 schools. But that was just the beginning.

Our next step is to secure the funding to rebuild our schools. Continue to support our campaign to Rebuild Yonkers Schools, share our latest advocacy video and tag our  State Legislators and Governor with #Fund2Rebuild.

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Yonkers continues to be shortchanged with state school building aid.

Yonkers students receive the least amount of aid per pupil among other city school districts.

Yonkers schools are old and need extensive repair.

Their average age is 75 and their deterioration has resulted in a need of $2 billion in renovations, far more than what Yonkers taxpayers are able to afford to repair on their own.

Yonkers schools are overcrowded and the population is growing.

They’re currently 4,428 students over capacity and the problem is getting worse. Basements have been converted into classrooms. Most schools don’t have libraries or playing fields.

New York State has already rebuilt other city school districts.

The State has rebuilt every school in Buffalo and they’re rebuilding schools in Rochester and Syracuse too, even as those districts shrink while Yonkers continues to grow.


$2 Billion to Rebuild Yonkers Schools


The $2 billion, four phase plan will remodel all 39 schools in the District and build three new schools, creating a modern, healthy learning environment for every Yonkers student. It will mean state-of-the-art buildings, new classrooms to reduce overcrowding and playing fields for our kids, providing Yonkers students with the same opportunities already available to so many students across New York.

Be sure our voices are heard to fund Rebuild Yonkers Schools