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Spano goes to Albany for schools rebuilding plan

This is the latest installment in our ongoing coverage of Yonkers' troubled school system.   Mike Spano rolls deep. Spano crowds into McGeary’s Irish Pub in Albany as he does most everything — surrounded by a crew who loves him or, at least, are loyal to him. The mayor of Yonkers files into this bustling, wood-paneled tavern with [...]

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Yonkers rallies for $2B school rebuilding plan

For years, the Yonkers school district has been underserved and underfunded. With most of its schools crumbling and many of its students struggling, the district every year begs the state for millions of dollars to plug the gap in its budget. Now, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is asking the state to support his $2 billion [...]

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Don’t let the Yonkers schools rot: Editorial

When Yonkers students say goodbye for summer on June 24, they deserve to go their separate ways with the knowledge that their cracking, leaking, steaming — and potentially dangerous — school buildings will finally be rebuilt. This will only be the case if the state Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo approve a long-delayed plan to renovate and rebuild the Yonkers schools before the current legislative session [...]

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